Well-Oiled Machine

Think for a moment about how your body might be a little like a car. If you put the wrong type of gasoline into your car’s tank, it’s not likely to run very well. If you put cooking oil instead of motor oil into the engine, it’s very likely to break down completely.

Now think about what you put into your own tank each and every day to keep your motor running.

You might think you’re eating enough food to sustain you on a daily basis, but really think about what nutritional value you’re adding into those meals.

Once again, to use the car analogy, if you were to fill your car’s gas tank with water, it would be full – but it won’t be full of what it needs to run properly.

The same is true with your body.

In order to really function properly and really respond to any kind of infertility treatments, you need to overhaul your current nutritional plan.

Look at some ways you can cut out the processed foods and replace it with healthier options. Are there any ways you could increase the nutrients you consume by replacing a few simple things?

Of course, it’s also worth looking at what else you’re putting into your body’s tank. Things like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs can also reduce your chances of conceiving naturally, as they affect the normal functions of your body.

There are plenty of ways to add more nutritional value to your diet each day, but it’s still important to realize why you’re doing it.

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