Understanding Your Body

The human body is an amazingly complex thing. Biologically, we’re designed to run efficiently by ingesting nutritious foods that give us the energy to exert ourselves physically, but also to fuel the neurons that fire within our brains.

Our brains are hundreds of times more complex than the most advanced computers on the planet. A brain is capable of keeping your body running on unconscious actions, such as breathing, or keeping your heart pumping, but it’s also capable of releasing various hormones that help us to cope with everything we face during the day.

Your own body will release certain hormones to let you know its tired, different hormones when it’s time to wake up, more hormones when you’re feeling happy and different ones again when you’re stressed or upset.

That’s not even counting the myriad of hormones, enzymes and other goodies your brain releases to tell your body it’s the optimum time to release an egg from one of your ovaries at the right time for your body to conceive.

So what happens when those hormones aren’t released at the right time or in the right amounts?

In most cases, people tend to visit their doctor and come home with a prescription for drugs to help regulate those hormones. What they don’t know is those chemical cocktails can sometimes cause other issues with the smooth functioning of your body, even while they might be addressing the initial problem you sought to fix.

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