Timing When to Have Sex

Unfortunately, when many women decide to put off having sex until they notice their cervical mucus discharge, they tend to abstain completely until it’s the “right time”. They also tend to avoid sex at other times during the cycle.

This can mean sex becomes a chore or a routine. It becomes less about love and connection, which can increase strain on a relationship and increase stress levels for both of you.

Of course, you may also find that, even though the woman might be at her peak fertility time, you could be reducing the male’s sperm quality without even knowing it.

You see, if you wait to have sex for a week or two before you notice the signs of ovulation, you risk your partner’s sperm quality being at less than peak quality.

This is because a male’s sperm quality and quantity will peak after only one or two days of abstinence. If you’ve made him wait for 10, the quality and quantity may not be ideal for optimum fertility rates.

Ideally, if you’re planning to conceive, having sex twice a week, regardless of the fertility signs can actually strengthen the connection between you, as well as increase fertility for each of you at the same time.

Stop timing when to have sex and work on having a little fun together instead.

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