Symptoms of STDs in Men

STD symptoms can vary widely between individuals.  But there are a few symptoms of STDs in men that you can look out for.  If you experience symptoms at all you should talk with your healthcare provider about your risk factors and get the appropriate testing.

Common Symptoms

The unfortunate reality is that for many men STDs will bring no symptoms at all.  However, if you know you have had sexual activity with someone who has tested positive for an STD or has a high risk of transmitting one, you should go ahead and get tested.

But there are a few things that commonly occur in men with sexually transmitted infections.  For example, changes in the penis are a clue that something could be wrong.  If you have itching at the tip of the penis or a rash on your penis, testicles, or in your groin area it could be a symptom.

If you have discharge coming from the tip of the penis that is white or yellow or just different from what you’ve typically seen you should get to a health professional as soon as possible.  This can be a sign of STD infection.

You should also take time to regularly inspect the skin of the penis.  If there are any sores, blisters, or bumps you may be experiencing an infection.  Conditions such as syphilis, herpes, and human papillomavirus can all cause skin changes.

Finally, pain is a good indicator that something is wrong.  If you have pain when you urinate or ejaculate it’s possible that you have a sexually transmitted disease.  When it comes to sores on the penis, pain is common.  However, some sores such as those from syphilis are painless.

Less Common Symptoms

While the symptoms above are pretty typical for a man with an STD infection, there are some symptoms that are less common.  These should still be looked at as possible signs that you’ve been exposed to something.

For example, if you have pain and swelling in your testicles, it could be a sign of infection.  You should also take note if you experience swelling of the epididymis.  This will cause pain and make urination and ejaculation difficult.

Some infections will cause flu like symptoms.   For example, syphilis and HIV both can cause flu like symptoms that go away while the microorganisms go into a latent or dormant stage.

A sore throat can also be an indicator of an STD if you’ve been engaging in oral sex with someone who is infected.  The same is true for rectal pain, bleeding, or discharge if you have been engaging in anal sex.

In very rare cases you may have joints that become swollen as a result of STD infection.

Symptom Onset

You may think that if symptoms will pop up quickly.  However, for many men there are actually no outward symptoms of STD infection.  And in many cases symptoms take weeks, months, or even years to develop.

Therefore, symptoms shouldn’t be the only indicator that you need to be tested.  If you’re engaging in sex with someone who has been diagnosed with an STD or you’re in a high risk group such as men having sex with men, you should be tested even if you’re symptom free.  This gives you the best shot of early detection and treatment.

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