Non-Specific Infertility

Of course, there are a percentage of couples who are diagnosed with ‘non-specific infertility’. These are the couples where nothing specific can be located to explain why conception isn’t happening.

Despite months of trying to conceive and subsequent months of tests, trials and specialist’s appointments, many couples still don’t have a logical explanation for why they can’t fall pregnant.

When OB-GYNs and infertility specialists run a battery of tests, they’re medically based. They look for hormonal imbalances. They look for the obvious signs of blocked tubes, cysts, sperm quality and quantity and other usual signs that something might be wrong that they can fix with medications or surgery.

Unfortunately, when they can’t find anything logical, it’s categorized as ‘non-specific infertility’ and they tend to resort to putting the couple onto fertility drugs like Clomid to see if that will help.

What they forget is the enormous range of other factors that can affect fertility that have nothing to do with the obvious symptoms the majority of people tend to display.

Our bodies are designed to send out warning signals when something is wrong. These signals are usually displayed as pain or symptoms or other issues that need to be addressed in order to fix the cause.

Unfortunately, the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry would much rather treat the symptoms rather than work on ways to fix the cause of the problem in the first place.

By taking pain relief medication, you’re actually masking the real warning sign your body is trying to give you. By taking infertility drugs, you’re denying that your body is sending out a message that something is wrong with your reproductive system that needs to be addressed first, before you conceive your child.

This can sometimes lead to making the original problem even worse in the long run.

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